benches and trees

A dapper man library story

It was a beautiful thursday afternoon.
I took a coffee and sat on a bench in a small seating area outside of a large university building.
The area was newly landscaped after years of construction.

benches and trees

Relaxing in the shade, I looked around and noticed three large clear bubble platforms.

seating area

I looked for a sign or explanation for these glassy pods and found this.

little free library sign

So, this past May, the seating area had become a location for a free library. (Little Free Library/NYC)
Three bubble pod book stalls, that reminded me of 1960’s space-age beauty salon hair dryers, were standing
at the ready. And based on the premise of “take a book, return a book” this library was currently supplied
with a most free-form collection.

bubble with books

As I sat thinking, a dapper man in a light grey suit with black leather shoes, skinny black headphones and
silver-white hair walked purposefully through the small seating area. He stopped suddenly and opened his leather
shoulder bag. He pulled two things from the bag and deposited them in the library. He flipped his bag shut
and walked off.

As soon as he moved off, I edged over to see the two books. Actually it turns out he brought a copy of Back to Blood
by Tom Wolfe and the DVD Sid (about Sid Vicious). Interesting pairing.

book and dvd

A tourist who had been sitting with his wife came over and asked me what the clear pods were.
He too had watched the man place the book and DVD in the side storage area and now he was curious.
I explained a bit and showed him the sign about the free library. He nodded and said “nice idea”.
He returned to sit with his wife.

I took some pictures and sat back down. Another tourist couple passed by.
This time, the woman noticed the bubble pods and stopped. She saw the free library sign and read the instructions.
She smiled and dragged her partner/ husband over to explain the cool idea. He was not so taken. She was.
They moved on.

Another woman stopped to take pictures and it was my turn to move on.