heard and overheard

from snippets of conversation heard and overheard,
from various locations around the city.
they could have been heard elsewhere, everywhere.
heard and overheard, random lines out of context.

MAm I dominating your indecision?

WWell, basically it is a round circle.

WWe will revisit later in the future.

MWhen he stopped playing guitar, he stopped having hallucinations.

Wshe’s got blabber thumbs.

MI’d like a pack of the healthiest thing you have, which I think is Natural American Spirit Blue cigarettes.

MShe may be the apotheosis of your problem.

WIf you find a penny on the street, make a wish and throw it down the drain.

MSo, Obama finally won.

MLeave me a message and I’ll return your call when convenience permits.

WYou write about baseball? Is that what you were doing in physics last week?

MI get paid a lot more than zero.

WHave you, ya know, slept with the sugar-daddy?

MSo I think I have a girlfriend now, so I ah, … well

MIt would have been a one night stand which would have been better, we ended up in a relationship.

WArt school paints a false picture of history. I am so disillusioned

MHave you had enough of this or do you want to go on?