09 – The other day I was at a neighborhood Starbucks .
It was in the late afternoon and the staff struck up a lively round of a song I recognized from a travel ad.

Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, sometimes I get a good feeling, yeah
I get a feeling that I never never never never had before, no no

afternoon sun in Starbucks window

It was a nice addition to the day.

line of coffee beans

08 – The other day a huge storm was racing up the east coast.
Shops were closing, bridges were closing, even the subway was closing.
At a neighborhood starbucks a sign on the door said it too had closed.
Closed due to “inclimate weather”. Hurricane Sandy by another name.

sign in the window at Starbucks

line of coffee beans

07 – The other day at a neighborhood starbucks I waited in line.
It was a short line. I moved up to the counter and ordered my coffee.
The barista asked my name. He spelled it out and asked if that’s how I
spelled it. I said sure. He instantly said, “no, how do YOU spell it”?
I said with a c not a k.

He smiled and quickly changed the k to c.
He proceeded to tell me a story about a friend with a unique way
of spelling kaitlynn. We both had a laugh at crazy name spelling.
I moved off to wait for my coffee.
The person making drinks called out – an iced venti-something for Steve.
No one responded. He called it out again.
He looked at me and asked if I was Steve?
I laughed, he laughed.
He looked over at the next order and then back at me and asked if I was Jeff ?

line of coffee beans

06 – Today I stopped at one of my favorite starbucks locations.
it is usually busy but on Saturdays and Sundays,
it is a total floor clog, one giant traffic jam.

the person with the cup and the pen asked my name.
I said cate and she repeated “cat?”
I nodded yes since it was close enough.
I then waited with the herd at the end of the counter.

The line waiting for the bathroom overflows into the line waiting for coffee,
so the jostling for position in the herd area verges on the extreme.

Several names were called and people claimed their drinks.
I could tell my turn was coming soon –
and then they called out –
and yes, it was mine.


line of coffee beans

05 – he asked what my name was –
I said cate –
he repeated – “liz”?

line of coffee beans

04 – At Starbucks they ask for your name and identify the cup
– to personalize your experience (?)
It used to take me by surprise.

In reviewing what was written on my cup one day,
I discovered I’d been named kat.

Over the course of several weeks, my name was changed to,
and of course, : )

and then
and ?
(I’m not sure if that last one is so good)

Today I went to a different location –
it was a large space and crowded – they asked my name.
The women with the cup and pen knew she had heard it wrong,
but couldn’t bear to ask again for a fourth time.

When I picked up my espresso, the person looked at me like –
“you sure don’t look like a Cassie”

line of coffee beans

03 – Yesterday at the larger Starbucks, I noticed that they had rearranged some of the furniture. They had also added flowers and it looked like a “parlor ” setting.
I tend to think of Starbucks as a quick stop place but this new parlor setting wants to turns that on its head. It just seems odd.

line of coffee beans

02 – Today at a different location – it’s a smaller Starbucks, but one that is equally pivotal to the neighborhood. 
The locals are in place, the Wi-Fi is pumping and the internet is percolating throughout. It feels like a sunny day.

line of coffee beans

01 – Starbucks was different the other afternoon.
There was no Wi-Fi signal, and it was not as crowded. Few laptops.
People were sitting and talking to each other or reading books. It seemed so relaxed.
Two days later, Wi-fi returned. It felt emptier – more people, less talking
and almost everyone wore headphones.

line of coffee beans